ID Name Description Options
380 Blackthrone Ascension Symphonic Deathcore from Vancouver, BC
379 Atrae Bilis
378 Rhapsody Of Fire
377 CRAZY DIAMONDS Crazy Diamonds are Vancouver's one and only Pink Floyd Experience.
376 Deathblow Thrash metal from SLC
375 Wolftron
374 Dark Tranquillity
372 Bridge City Sinners
370 Covenant Festival
369 Arkaik ARKAIK is a Progressive Death Metal band out of Central California.
368 Moonspell
367 Wormrot
366 Citizen Rage
365 Bratboy
364 Suffocation
363 Deathchant
362 Spirit Mother
360 Spell
359 I DECLARE WAR Metal from the Pacific North West
356 Ceremonial Bloodbath
354 Liminal Shroud
353 Mares of Thrace
352 Vessel Vessel is an instrumental progressive metal band from Vancouver, BC
351 Bog Dirty and Dissonant Progressive Sludge Metal band Based out of Vancouver B.C. Canada
350 Within Destruction
349 Mvlgrave
348 Obsidian A multinational metal band from Vancouver Canada, with members from France, Germany & Canada.
346 Ritual Dictates Ritual Dictates is a new metal band formed by Justin Hagberg (3 Inches of Blood) and Ash Pearson (Revocation).
345 Wednesday 13
344 Backtalker
343 Sleepcircle
342 Donna G
341 OTO Crew
340 Burnt Lung
339 Skin Stripper
338 Organoizes
337 Ape War
336 Atavistia Atavistia is an epic metal band from Vancouver, Canada.
334 Crown of Madness
333 Death Machine
332 Exterminatus
329 Raven
328 First Fragment Extreme Neoclassical Metal from Quebec. EST 2007. New album out October 29th!
327 Conan
326 Hyperia
325 Shattered Throne
324 Bit Brigade
323 Kælan Mikla
322 Iron Kingdom
321 WAKE
320 Korpiklaani
319 Axedra Death metal from Vancouver, BC
318 Fawns Of Love
317 Falsifier Windsor, Ontario based deathcore band founded in 2014.
315 Lost Nebula
314 Detherous
313 Marissa Nadler
312 Eight Bells
311 Telekinetic Yeti
310 Mvlgrave
309 Human Issue
308 Batushka
307 Monuments
306 Hell Fire
305 Dayglo Abortions
304 Korine
303 Amorphis
302 The Foreign Resort
301 Liberatia Death/Thrash from Vancouver Island
300 Ozawar Fillipino-Canadian 6-piece metal band.
299 Truent Born in a small town outside of Vancouver, BC, Truent is an exhilarating Canadian metal act on the rise. Combining massive riffs, head-spinning technicality, and sharp songwriting, Truent has crafted a crushing brand of groove-laden progressive death metal that is uniquely their own.
298 Thank You Driver
297 Arrow In The Quiver
296 Alien To The Ignorant
295 All The Time Everywhere
294 Origin
293 D.R.I.
292 Hexis Combining the energy of Hardcore with the desolation of Black Metal and throwing in bits and pieces of Doom and Sludge, HEXIS have crafted two full-length albums, namely "Abalam" (2014) and "Tando Ashanti" (2017), as well as countless EPs and Split-releases. The musicians behind HEXIS are located all over Europe and they have been praised for both their outstanding records and, first and foremost, for their intense live shows that took them to high ranking festivals such as Roskilde, Bloodstock, Roadburn or Ieper Fest.
291 R. I. P.
290 Blackwater Holylight
289 Captured! By Robots
288 Nebula
287 Demon Cleaver
286 Powerglove
285 Hypocrisy
284 Stöner
283 Death Preacher
282 Obscura
281 Khemmis
280 Carcosa
279 Glitter Wizard
278 Haunt
277 Omnium Gatherum
276 KOSM KOSM is a progressive metal band from Vancouver, BC
275 Rotting Christ Rotting Christ is a Greek black metal band formed in 1987. They are noted for being one of the first black metal bands within this region, as well as a premier act within the European underground metal scene. They are also responsible for creating the signature Greek black metal sound prevalent in the early 1990s.
274 Thousand Arrows Power/Thrash metal from Vancouver, BC
273 Of Modern Architecture Progressive Metalcore band from Vancouver, BC
272 The Hallowed Catharsis Progressive Extreme Metal band from Vancouver, BC
271 Pound Progressive Instrumental Extreme Metal from Seattle, WA
270 Carcosa Deathcore band from Vancouver, BC
269 Neck Of The Woods Progressive Death Metal band from Vancouver, BC
268 Anarcheon
Metal band from Vancouver BC sure to steel your heart and soul!
Energetic bass heavy leads, catchy riffs, heart pounding drums and shemonic screams
267 Clan Of Xymox Originally formed in Holland in 1983 as Xymox, Clan of Xymox became one of the pioneers of the dark and moody electronic music that later became known as darkwave.
266 Saints Of Death SAINTS of DEATH are a Four piece Two Bass Guitar Metal band from Vancouver Canada.
265 League Of Corruption League of Corruption are a groove metal band emerging from the primordial ooze of the Vancouver heavy music scene.
264 Antediluvian Black/Death metal band from Canada, formed in 2007
263 FM Attack FM Attack is known as one of the pioneers who helped to create the synthwave movement. Ryan Gosling said it during an interview while promoting the film Drive. It was 2011 and two years since FM Attack released his 1980s-Synth infused debut album Dreamatic in 2009. ”I was listening to Glass Candy and Nic was listening to Kavinsky and Matt was listening to FM Attack” Gosling says. ”All this sort of dark disco, this hyper-romantic electronic music with this menacing undertone, so we were just aligned on a lot of levels." Since his debut album, FM Attack signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music which led to remixes for artists such as Tegan and Sara, Trans-X, PNAU, Tesla Boy and Gillian Gilbert from New Order. The sophomore album Deja Vu was released to critical acclaim in 2013 and featured the vocals of KRISTINE. It is hailed by some as a Dreamwave classic. In 2017 FM Attack released the album Stellar which featured more New Wave, Synthpop and early 80s influences. "This updated sound is unique and fantastic, creating a more wistful and nostalgic feel to the signature FM Attack style and is sure to influence artists in the years to come. An instant classic." Andrew Zistler - New Retro Wave. The 4th album 
New World was released in 2019 and features the talents of Vandal Moon & Mecha Maiko. A new album The Never Ending was released in the summer of 2021.
262 Unleash The Archers
Unleash The Archers were formed in 2007 by front-woman Brittney Slayes, together with her partner and the band’s drummer Scott Buchanan, while attending the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  After moving to Vancouver in 2010 the band underwent several lineup changes, but were finally able to cement their unique, genre-blending style of heavy metal with the addition of Grant Truesdell in 2011 and Andrew Kingsley in 2013.  By weaving the aggression of the more extreme genres into the intricacies of traditional heavy metal, UTA have created a sound unlike anything else in the industry.  They embrace a commercial appeal that attracts music lovers of all types while maintaining a heavy edge that remains true to their death metal roots.  Since their inception UTA have always put an emphasis on touring, and travelled the roads by van booking their own North American tours for years before being picked up by an agent in 2016.  Their persistent, hard-working, down-to-earth attitude has garnered media attention all over the world, and their constant engagement on social platforms of all types has allowed for consistent growth and a dedicated, positively engaged fanbase that spans continents.

UTA have been described as “show-stealers” and “wildly entertaining” by fans and peers alike, and they strive to put on a show that will stick with you long after you’ve left the venue.  Playing music is a passion for the band and this can be seen in their live performance as well as their music videos and writing style.

UTA are currently signed to Napalm Records in Austria and Ward Records in Japan.  

Vocals / Brittney Slayes
Drums / Scott Buchanan
Guitar / Grant Truesdell
Guitar / Andrew Kingsley
261 Tribunal Tribunal is a doom metal band from Vancouver, Canada that seamlessly incorporates elements of traditional doom, epic doom and death doom.
260 Wilderun Wilderun is based out of Massachusetts USA, playing variations on metal, prog, folk and orchestral music. Their most recent album "Veil of Imagination" was released on Nov 1, 2019. "Veil of Imagination" is an epic, emotional and whimsical odyssey through landscapes of earth and mind.
259 Abigail Williams Abigail Williams is an American black metal band, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but now based in Olympia, Washington. Since their formation in 2004, the group has suffered near-constant changes to their line-up. The band even disbanded in 2007 for a short time before reforming and writing their debut full-length album. Shortly after an eight-week tour in support of their debut full-length album In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns (2008), vocalist Ken Sorceron would become the only original member remaining.
258 Swallow The Sun Swallow the Sun is a Finnish band founded in 2000 by Juha Raivio. Their death-doom style emphasizes melody and atmosphere, and occasionally steps into gothic and black metal territory. They have released seven full-length albums, one triple album, one EP, one demo, and five singles.